Who Spilled The Coffee Beans?

I woke in a panic because I heard my mother in-law scream…and this is a woman who never screams. I run into the kitchen to find Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans strewn across the floor. You may say, “Why the drama?” but I get it. It’s Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans, man. Their expensive…even in Jamaica. These beans have taken The Underground Railroad ( ie. a suitcase) from their home on a sunny isle to our pantry. They must be saved!

Samples Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Luckily, I read a lot of Little House on the Prairie and watched The Grapes of Wrath as a kid so, I knew the beans could be ‘picked through’, sifted and still brewed. I swept up the wayward legumes, sorted them and carefully picked clean every single one of those precious kernels. We ground them, brewed them and drank them with breakfast.


That coffee was delicious. I am so glad that I’ve learned to waste not and want not. I wanted that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in my gullet and there it went, thanks to my frontier knowledge.

Now…about those eggs. They go in the trash.


I ain’t that cheap.

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