Pleasant Surprises, Shocking Admissions and Boy Crushes Out of the Blue.

Let me start by saying that I always have a blast with my girls, Heather and Erin.  So, when Heather invited me to celebrate her mom’s birthday (Hey, Becki!) with them, I was so stoked. This was the plan. First, we’d go to their friend’s tattoo photography exhibit. The exhibit was donating money to an animal charity and I do love a party with purpose. After that we’d grab some grub and then head to the club Erin’s husband  manages. All in all, a cool night out with the girls. I love hangin’ out with the girls.

299951_2573372294854_1597237548_n 314966_2573375454933_2098941159_n

The exhibit was amazing. Scott White does things with ink and color on skin that I hope to do on a canvas one day. I really enjoyed his show…and the photograph of Ganesha on his wife’s back was beautiful.

Side note: Look…I got maybe three hours of sleep. My in-laws took us to church this morning. I rarely go to church…but that’s a different story for a different day. Just know that calling on my extensive vocabulary right now is a little difficult. I’m still  recovering from alcohol and The Gospel.  But, I digress.

Divine Grace grover

So, we went for Thai dinner.  I LOVE Thai food. Yum! After dinner we made it to Respectable’s. When I saw the first woman dressed in a  fairy costume, I thought nothing of it.  Then I saw a tree covered in glittery streamers…hmm. Ok. Just as I see a bearded lady walking towards us, Heather leans over to tell me that there’s a Lord of The Rings burlesque show about to happen. Say what?  Who does that and more importantly, how did they know I would be all about it? I had no idea how a LOTR burlesque show would play out but I knew it’d be eye candy anyway. I’d either have a good laugh or get a little turned on…or both. Why not?

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That show was everything. By everything I mean it was really good…even though the bearded lady left me a questioning expression. Beard and pasties…and a staff . Let your imagination run wild with that one.  Biggups to Cupcake Burlesque! They always put on a great show and last night definitely kept my attention.

Then we danced the night away. I can’t remember how many Vodka and Sprite cocktails I had but I do remember catchin’ a bit of a man crush. For some reason, I was totally fixated on this tall, skinny, long haired guy in a plaid shirt. Let’s just say with all of the girls in the crowd, still puzzled as to why I was all about that dude. Maybe it was the tall and skinny thing. You know what they say about tall skinny guys…they pack a wallop! lol. Maybe it was the plaid. I’m from the land of plaid flannel. But, I think I’m gonna blame it on the alcohol and my libido. Yep. That’s what I’m going with today.


All in all, a good night. A bit crazy but crazy can be fun. A little hetero…but that’s cool.  My coffee buzz is wearing off and I’m loosing focus.   Off to either do some work or pass out. Not sure yet…but hey, the day’s young. Maybe I can do both.

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