My Philosophy.

Yesterday…I was trippin’ balls.


The psychotropics I prescribed to me in the 90’s made a rare but impressive appearance yesterday. Rare and intense, these period induced flashbacks are like earthquakes;Spilling hot, crazy lava all over  my already unstable mood. The only reason I can admit that today is because I made certain agreements with myself in my 20’s that I still practice in present day life.

1) Never regret anything you’ve ever done. It’s pointless and will only make you feel bad. For example, I knew that the psychotropic substances that I ingested would remain in my spinal fluid for the rest of my life. I knew it and I did them anyway. So, when the occasional hormone induced flashback happens during the throws of an intense moon cycle, accept that shit, work around it and move on.

2) Own up to your to shit. I’m generally pretty honest and basically emotionally translucent so, I’ve found that honesty is the best policy. Trying to remember a lie is too much work.

3) Do Your Best. Before I ever read The Four Agreements, I practiced this one…but I do love that book.

So after yesterday’s earthquake, come the inevitable aftershocks. Today has been a lot better. Mainly because I drank some detox tea, listened to some root chakra frequencies and lowered my caffeine intake. There were some moments but none worth addressing.

Napoleon Hill stresses the point that a positive mental attitude is key to success. He speaks over and over again about focusing on what you want.  I like that way of thinking. Since I’ve started really, really practicing positive action, goals setting and active happiness, my life has improved. Thanks, Coach!  I’ve written and painted and set goals everyday for the past few months. I recommend it, this new way of life. It feels awesome!

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