Pulling The Brakes On The Crazy Train.

I came home from work, ate some cornmeal pudding and set my intention. Today, I decided to meditate.  In fact, I just woke up from that meditation and I feel GREAT.

I just realized that I haven’t practiced meditation for some time. I’ve done a lot of other soul work but my daily meditation routine had been mostly ignored. Yesterday, I thought of meditation but didn’t. The crazy train kept me moving on automatic but today, I made the time. Boy,  I’m glad that I did.

Alice_Walker Amorpha2

Maybe that’s why I’ve had a difficult time finding my center this past few days. My soul needed a rest. I needed to find that peaceful meadow inside me and allow my spirit to relax, unfettered by the stresses of daily life in The Matrix.

I am now ready to face the many tasks awaiting me. I am centered and cloaked in the robe of positive thinking. The combination of mental and physical rest does a body good, eh?

Off to Create My Own Reality!

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