You’re Doin’ Too Much, Honey.

Yesterday seemed to whiz by so quickly! I went to work and came home  with the intention to finish my four daily tasks. That was my intent but that’s not how it went.

My mom in-law and The Round Head Boy are traveling to pick up  Mr. Ako today. My art show is also today. I guess I feel guilty for not going with them. Headache stimulus # 1.

It is my daily practice to do four things every day. I write this blog. I create, conceive or finish at least one art piece and I work on my novel. I also develop my product idea. When I do these things every day, I feel accomplished and happy. Most of those didn’t happen yesterday…Headache Inducer #2.


I did however keep one promise. I promised The Round Head Boy that I’d play Monopoly with him. He was so excited about going to pick his brother up from school that he couldn’t sit still. I think he just wanted to hang out one on one with Mom before bringing his big brother home.  I love my boys. They’re growing up so fast and a Monopoly promise must be kept. I wanted the impending headache to go away. It didn’t.


After a couple of hours, I had to call it quits. The headache had gotten too painful and I had to lay down. I thought I could get by with a nap so I could still get up before midnight and get my stuff done. Grabbing a bag of frozen peas to use as an icepack for my forehead, I snuggled under the covers and fell fast asleep…for the night. I woke up with warm peas stuck to my face.


So today is a new day. I felt some guilt for not finishing my list…but I’m over it. I am only one person. Sometimes…girl has to lay it down.

My art show is today! Yay! I’ll be live painting  during ArtWalk and I can feel a slight headache trying to develop. Damn you, Allergens and Stress! You will not defeat me. Walgreens, Here I Come! This is a good day and I’m gonna have fun, make art and revel in the sunshine.


Yep. That’s what I’m gonna do.

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