An Awesomely Amazing Art Day!

I had an AMAZING day painting at Art Attack for Ft. Lauderdale Art Walk. First of all, my new art gurus Ed and Steph are Soooooooooooooo Cool. Shameless plug for their gallery in these words. They gave me space. Real Space. I’ve done live painting before but this was by far the most area I’ve been given. I was so happy that I neglected to take a bunch of pictures…but I did take a few of the guitar case I worked on last night.


I met so many cool people! I love hanging out with artists and talking art and learning stuff.  Ideas flow. Drinks flow. Coffee flows. In fact, I don’t even know why I am awake this early except maybe the coffee and alcohol combination from last night is still having a party in my tummy.

table dancing

After the art show, I met my friend Heather at a pub to watch a Morrissey and The Smiths cover band. The pub is in the ‘trendy’ downtown area so I had to do a quick change in my truck out of paint covered clothes into something clean…but I forgot my club shoes. Honey badger (insert Crystal where ever you read honey badger) don’t care. Honey Badger don’t give a shit. I walked right up in there with my paint covered Sketchers. I’m an artist. lol.

Today is my friend’s Alice in Wonderland themed birthday tea party. So excited! I gotta get up and get my look together. Hmmm…what to wear?


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