I Love My Awesome Friends!

What an auspicious weekend, eh? Got The Jabari Bros. back together again  and I’m currently lying down on the couch watching (and listening to) them play video games. They asked me to play but I have about a ten minute attention span for that stuff and they know it. So, I told them to give me a couple of hours to rest. That’s the best I can do.


I love this new journey!Last week was really intense but I survived it. Bought some pinot grigio and she’s chillin’ in the fridge. A Root Chakra binaural meditation is playing while I type this. Mom is chillin’…and recuperating from my awesome friend Vivian’s Topsy Turvy Tea Party.

I’ve never been to high tea…although growing up in the south, I have had plenty of the iced, sweetened variety. In true Vivian fashion, it was an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party …at a tea house. I’m still gagging on the fabulousness of it all.

I was The March Hare. In true Cancer fashion, I decided to be one of the random characters and thought, “I’ll wear a long sleeve shirt, a vest, a skirt , some polka dot or other textured white tights and grab some heels. No sweat!”

But it’s never that simple, is it girls. lol

SO…I had everything but a vest and the tights. I found a vest. Gave up on the tights and made it to the party on time. Vivian’s niece had abandoned a pair of bunny ears. I was now the March Hare. Magic!


I Love Costume Parties and I love Alice in Wonderland. This party was the stuff of dreams…or trips down the rabbit hole. There were pretty, long stemmed red and white rosebuds on the table with signs saying simply, “Smell Me”. Of course I did! We talked, drank tea and consumed lots of finger sandwiches. The hostess taught me how to eat scones the English way. I now have a craving for clotted cream and lemon curd…yum!

I Love My Friends! This party was like the delicious cherry on top of my wonder filled weekend. I am truly grateful for my life.

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