Now, Ain’t That Good News?

It’s Tuesday and I’m still humming The Smiths, “Charming Man”. I also just recently read the lyrics and the words took on a different meaning. Who’s been singing a song for years without realizing what the lyrics meant? This guy!


Today I read to kids for the first half of the day…and it’s still my favorite substitute teacher gig. The kids, even the older ones, love having stories read to them. It’s fun and I hope that my love of reading is rubbing off on them. I think it is.

Speaking of reading, I want to catch up on RuPaul’s Drag Race. This new season has passed me by and I sure could use some Queen Time. I love everything about that show. The make up, glamour and cat fights…Oh, My!


Today feels good. I am in LOVE with my new way of thinking. It works with my self diagnosed ADD. As long as I have four main tasks and a couple of options, I’m good. My attention is scattered and focused at the same time.

I used to laugh at people who employed life coaches. Now I know better. It’s not that I didn’t know what to do, I just didn’t do it. Now, I feel like one of those super dedicated athletes. Gotta do it for Coach! But…I know I’m really doing it for myself.  Who better to do anything for in this life?


On a side note…somebody’s daughter needs to be mine for a weekend.


I’m just putting that out there.

One thought on “Now, Ain’t That Good News?

  1. lol love the burlesque clip and your ‘putting it out there’ comment. not my kind of sexy cuz i love me my bois 😉 but i ALWAYS appreciate sexy no matter how she appears and i’m an avid student. this girl has some moves worth learnin’ ya’all lol. thanks crystal…now wipe your mouth and get back to work!

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