Careful, Now…Folks Are A Little Antsy.

I have been happily ambivalent regarding the police killing/riot stuff that’s been circulating lately. Everyone knows cops kill people. They’ve been doing it and it is as American as Apple Pie. People kill cops, too…just not as much as cops kill people.  Yes. I know that cops are people but you get my point.

I feel like I don’t want to participate in that discussion. One, because I am a black woman there are enough people spinning rhetoric for me. Why bother?  Two, I’m just sick and tired of the media creating a ‘hype’ situation  that really could have been better reported. Do cops kill black folks? Yep…and white folks and hispanic folks and asian folks and Native Americans and UnNative Americans. But, the media knows that black folks are especially sensitive to the abuse and murder. The media also knows that they can create an US vs Them mentality amongst the races by only reporting black murders by the police, instigating a riot and then making money on the random bullshit that ensues.

I don’t trust the media to be a benevolent force. I don’t trust it to be impartial. They have an agenda. I refuse to be a part of it.

So, all this is to say that no, I will not participate in conversations about the riots or the murder…at least not on social media. My opinions will remain my own.

Now back to the rainbows and butterflies and stuff. That’s what I’m all about.


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