You Ever Have That Dream Where You’re A Bitchy Bitch?

Ok. What a powerful full moon. Of course it would be full in Scorpio. Of course.  Finally figured that one out.

I had a strange dream. Can’t really remember most of it but I do remember waking up and thinking, “Damn. I was sure bitchy in that dream.” I was so bitchy that I heard my alarm go off in my dream. My dream thought was so caught up in it’s on drama that the sound didn’t immediately register, although I heard it in my dream.


Crazy Town. Oh, well…anyway.
I didn’t have to work today so I went to the beach. It was gorgeous! Just what the doctor ordered. The sun was high in the sky but not too bright. Small, rolling waves crashed against my feet then tickled my toes in retreat. There were other people there this morning but it seemed as if the beach was all mine. I stretched  out on the damp, flat sand and almost fell asleep.

11182123_10206301380994669_529764564900540660_n 11204905_10206301332353453_6067585757987321231_n 11209596_10206301333113472_994999391264221396_n 11209743_10206301334673511_2238232868582282571_n

I’d needed change for the parking meter so I went inside the little store near the beach across from it. The store had transformed into a cool cigar, imported cheese and meats…beach store. I was looking for a better way to say a better store without seeming pretentious. I couldn’t find any. The place was much classier and the owner gave me change. He was very  nice about it, too.

I am in the library now…and even though there’s a woman next to me who I suspect is a little off, I’m cool. I’m from the city. I’ve been close to strange folks before. It helps that Queen Bitch just popped up in my ears as I type this. Good Morning!


Now she’s leading him on and she’ll lay him right down…but it could’ve been me.

I could do better than that.

I need a frock coat and a bibbedy bobbedy hat.


a mimosa.


4 thoughts on “You Ever Have That Dream Where You’re A Bitchy Bitch?

  1. Do you mind if I repost this piece? I have always been fascinated by dreams. And I feel like your post described a dream perfectly. Dreams are weird sometimes, but they live in our minds. They are part of us. They are beautiful.

    1. Awesome! Repost away, sis…lol. I’m glad you like it and want to share. I know dreams are powerful tools for introspection and insight. That dream is an indicator of how I feel at work these days…lol.

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