Cosplay Shenanigans.

So, the Lord of the Rings burlesque show opened the door. I have recently been hipped (Do people still know what that means…lol) to all the sexual shenanigans happening at these cosplay events. I mean, sh*t I’ve only read in dirty books is going DOWN at so called geek functions. Where was I when the memo went out?

blackcos Mermaid nubia

I met some cosplayers at Vivian’s party. Saw some photos of …shenanigans. Nothing too raunchy but still. Who’d a thunk it?

Met a cool guy who sent me a whole stream of shenanigans to my phone. It ain’t right, Lord. ..but as Whitney would say, it’s OK. One of the shenanigans had a very busty Velma from Scooby Doo in it. I may never look at Scooby Snacks, Shaggy or Scooby the same way ever again.

sexyvelma velma

Man…I love nerds. We know how to party.

Somebody should have told a sister about the party, though.


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