Verbal Communication Is Best.

I can’t count the number of times something’s been miscommunicated to me via text, email or some other non verbal contact. I’m pretty sensitive so it takes me a minute to process signals properly. I’ve learned to step back and say, “maybe it wasn’t meant that way and if it was, that’s their baggage.” In the parlance of my time, it is what it is.


The people who know me know that even when they’re facing me and speaking, it may take a couple of tries before I get it. It’s not because I’m stupid. It’s because my brain works so fast that I’m usually thinking of so many things at once that pulling out what to focus on can be a little involved. I am very self absorbed…and that’s a good thing.


That’s not vanity. It’s called being introspective. What better way to spend your time?

For this reason, I prefer verbal communication. At least i can hear the inflection in a person’s voice and gauge the feeling I get from the conversation.

2 thoughts on “Verbal Communication Is Best.

  1. can’t tell you how many arguments are hurt feelings could have been avoided by less texting and more face time! this is so freakin true lol…inflection is absolutely the key to interpretation 😉

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