Zen And The Art Of Substitute Teaching.

You can’t do it for the money or fame. Substitute teaching is an art. After several years of part time teaching, I think that I’ve finally gotten savvy enough to do a good job, have a great time and still keep my sanity by the end of the day. I call my method, “Zen and The Art of Substitute Teaching.

If I created a pamphlet on the subject, do you think they’d let me sell it to school boards around the world? Hmm…that’s a novel idea. Subs need more than basic rules of conduct. They need to be prepared for the unimaginable.

That reads ominously but it’s not intended to scare anyone. The days of sitting  down and reading while the class stays on task are over. Did they ever exist? I doubt it. Today’s kids need more interactive attention. Here are some tips for anyone considering this path:

1) Meditate, pray, do yoga or something to prepare yourself before entering the school walls. This will fortify you for the day.

2) Wear comfortable shoes. You never know how much walking is involved in your day. A painful walk is a mood killer.

3) Expect the Unexpected. You’ll be happier if are fluid.

4) No matter what, smile.

Simple. Effective. Optimistic.


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