Where Am I? Oh, Yea…Microsoft Word.

It’s funny how I’ve become so dependent on instantaneous feedback. Typing my blog without being plugged into WordPress feels like I’m talking to myself in that “Auntie who hears voices” kind of way. Writing this journal is an amazing healing process and is making my writing feel more genuine even when working on more structured projects. I dig it.

Tonight, though, typing  into Microsoft Word, without the anticipation of an audience, it feels…lonely. The best way to describe it is the feeling of anticipating a hot date only to end up making the most of it with a bottle of wine and massager. Not quite the same but it’ll do in a pinch.

I have been having a good day despite the grayness of my wording. I went to see The Avengers movie with The Jabari Brothers. We had an awesome time! The movie was action packed and easy to consume. I give it three thumbs up! It won’t win any Oscars but…lately I don’t watch The Oscars so, it works for me.

Right now, it’s after midnight and I’m listening to my favorite focus binaural so I can stay awake and finish this post. My four daily tasks keep me busy. I painted today. My girl looks better. For a minute the splotchy paint job made her look like either a racist’s nightmare or a mud wrestler’s fetish prop. Either way, that was not the idea I visualized when I first started “Girl in Box” on yesterday. She represents a mechanized female object and her skin has been painted a dark gray. Once she dries and I add the detail, I think she’ll better represent the look I’m going for…hopefully.

As you can see, I’m over thinking it. It must be time for a sista to charge her batteries, just a little more to do before I call it a night.

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