Swimming in a Fishbowl.

You know, I thought we outgrew Mean Girl BS back in highschool. I guess being a bitch never gets old to some people. Is there a crew at your job that make an otherwise ideal situation kinda suck on a daily basis? If your response is no, you might be part of the crew but just don’t want to admit it.


I finally have come to the realization that their world, their little fishbowl has nothing to do with me. The bitchyness I experience is an after affect of stale lives without Light. I really pity the fools. Life is what you make it. I choose to make mine a Happy, Bitch-Free Zone.


People think that I can be broken by pettiness. I’m a Black Woman with Nappy Hair from the Deep South. It takes more than chittery noises and hostility to really concern me. Recently it has been an annoyance but…school ends in a few weeks. My highschool job awaits me and I’m pullin’ out of that one horse town. Spurs a blazin!


Thank The Lord and Lady of The Skies and Beyond!

After venting, I feel much better now.

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