Dark Room. Nap Time.

It’s almost three am and I’ve been awake since almost two. Hay fever and stress have once again roused me from my slumber. I took allergy meds and melatonin in the hopes that I would drift away to sleep; however, instead of doing that…I’m typing into my phone.

428716_3220351361144_1637237563_2744385_869571025_n - Copy

It’s cool, though. I know the root of this bout of insomnia. The Hateful Heifers at work have been chittering away and it’s getting a tad ridiculous. But, years of experience working in schools has taught me to let it ride. Some people just never move past childish stuff. Plus, with me being so perky, pretty and positive some folks just can’t stand it. Can’t a colored girl be happy when the rainbow IS enuff?

manifesting 1

I think so…and I’m gonna embrace my happiness. Even if I could use a little sleep, I’ll still smile and enjoy the kids. Isn’t that why we become teachers anyway?

581024_401749843177550_745430330_n - Copy

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