Hummin’ Like An Old Church Lady.

I am Grateful that Infinite Intelligence is omniscient. Lately I’d forgotten to trust that fact. A situation at work was really wearing me down …well, let me rephrase.

I was allowing negative energy to control my emotions. I allowed it.

I am not a victim or a lost girl.

Let’s just say that my day at Disney was a miracle. The situation surrounding the trip was ridiculous and nerve wracking but I’ve let it go. You know why?

My Day at Disney Was AWESOME.

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It was my first time visiting any theme park without a buddy or my kids. Ever. I’m glad that I didn’t have to chaperone. I’m thankful that my ticket included two meal vouchers  and four fast passes. I’m so fortunate that I had that time  to myself. I’m happy that I was there for my son if he needed me but I wasn’t needed. All in all, both of us were free to roam and my roaming was so much fun.

So, when I first got there, it was so early that I got great parking. I followed the morning crowd to the front gate, tapped my ticket against a set of Mickey’s  ears and jumped on the monorail. I was in the Magic Kingdom in less than twenty minutes. One the costumed park hosts told me that my ticket came with four fastpasses. A fastpass lets you get a time window to just walk right up to the gate without waiting. Hurray!

My ticket also came with two meal vouchers. Dude…I think I’m in love. The vouchers were the shiznits! I got real food and some frozen lemonade concoctiontopped with whipped cream (addictive, lemony sweet creamy love) that I think is habit forming. I had three of them. Time to hit the gym again…but without remorse.  Never regret great food. Never.  They were delicious. That just means that I have to do more squats.

You know all those rides that the kids never want to ride? Yep. I rode’em all. Who didn’t have to stress about waiting in line? This guy!

As you can see, I’m still gushing with Disney Magic. Now I understand why adult friends of mine love to go there so much. It’s like Six Flags…but funner! Gushing so much that I caught my self humming “A Whole New World”.

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