So Many Things!

Now, I’ve seen a lot of things…Some good, some mostly good and some bat shit crazy. But last night…was all of the above. There’s song lyrics to match the feelings.

“Oh people they don’t understand
No girlfriends they don’t understand
In spaceships they won’t understand
And me ain’t ever gonna understand…last night.” The Strokes

I saw a naughty Rapunzel twerk. Michael Jackson in rhinestone pasties.  A human penis.

Girls look so good but their minds are not ready. Thank you, KRS-1.

I identify as a lesbian. Currently though, women have been both confusing and annoying. When I was kinda straight, never been completely straight, men were confusing and annoying. Is it me? Naw…I’m the shiznits. I’m open minded, free spirited and willing to accept a person for who she or he may be; however, my guess is that folks don’t know how to handle it. So many people are looking for drama  but don’t know it. If you make things too easy, they get bored and twitchy. Long story short…I think I’ve decided to discard my self bestowed label.

That’s kinda what my Super Homie Homie is going through. She really likes this guy but he’s acting like a little bitch. She’s made it known to him that sex with no strings is ok. That’s what he said he wanted. She’s willing to give it to him…but, like I said,  men can be confusing and annoying.  Le sigh. I told her we gotta get in a new swimming hole. Find some new areas to explore like Dora and Diego. I’ll be either.

So back to my point. There’s so many things! I just had breakfast so I feel a little more centered after a night of excess and debauchery. What a night! I still don’t understand it…but I still have the bite marks.

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