Ask And You Shall Receive.

I would like to take this time to Honor and Acknowledge God.  Amen? Amen.

The choir may now have a seat.

At this time, Gratitude and Thankfulness are in my heart. I, just as well all have been, am blessed with breath in my body. Food on my table. Clothes on my back. I am blessed with a loving family and a warm, dry roof over my head. I am blessed with Life, Health and Strength. I have so many things to be grateful for in this world and beyond. I am Thankful.

Here in this space and time, I have seen many things. Lived through many things. Attempted and Failed at many things…but my Successes outweigh the heartbreak. My Determination and Faith have led me to leap over  many so called obstacles. I am Blessed.

Learning to Love Myself has truly been the Greatest Love of All. Learning to Love others, even those who’ve hurt me, gives me Strength. Love is more than what we could ever know. It is described as Dark Matter when found in Black Holes. I Love My Life.

My sincere prayer is that everyone will find that love inside themselves. To really be at peace with themselves and to find true happiness. I pray that everyone realizes that the mind is the laboratory where we create our reality. Cook up some situations that bring  Love, Joy, Happiness and Bliss. It is true that whatever our mind can concieve and believe, we can achievel. I pray that everyone will, sooner rather than later, recognize this power and use it to create a beautiful world for themselves.

I am Grateful. I am Thankful. I Revel in Happiness. Joy to the World.

Let The Church Say , Amen.


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