Recipe For Delight Or Disaster.

So, I am a lesbian. It’s true. I am. No matter how much women drive me crazy with their constant confusion building idiosyncratic schizophrenia…I love them. I love us. I feel comfortable in woman only spaces. I enjoy us.

But lately, the ladies ain’t been givin’ up the rhythm. That’s right. I said it. Chicks be holdin’ out on the panties…and it’s not right. What happened to all the hot action I should be getting? Why am I not hookin’ up all the time like those ladies on The L Word? Straight people think all homos do is f*ck…so why am I not gettin’ my share?

I will tell you why. Women are still women. No matter gay or straight. Women will lead you on and make you think you’re about to get some trim…but then want to talk. Not about sex but about shit you could care less about. Do I know anything about basketball? Hell no. Do I give a damn what Nicki Minaj was wearing last week? Nope. Do I care if someone used to be a lesbian and now they’re married to a man? WDH?

I would say guys were easier…but they’re not. For a minute I thought about switchin’ teams but then I remembered the last guy I dated. Eww…. Bad sex, No ambition and Talked a lot of Sh*t. Just like a lot of women I’ve gone out with…so what’s the point?


A lot of women would label me bisexual for even writing that paragraph. To those women I say, F*ck You. Literally. If you’re not given up the drawers, why should you give a damn who I stick it to or who sticks to me? Put up (or out) or shut up? I need to feel it in my SOUL.

Now…who’s first?

P.S.  After reading this post for myself, I realize that I am a dude. lol.

2 thoughts on “Recipe For Delight Or Disaster.

  1. LMAO!!!! Oh my god. I needed that laugh out loud today! You are SOOOO a dude hahaha. But maybe. Just maybe. So am I lol cuz I related bwaahhhahaha. Love it 😉

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