Speaking of a Master Plan…

Ok…earlier today I unleashed a violent rant upon the world. Not my finest moment. I could blame it on Mercury Retrograde or my ex or the GOP…but it was me. I allowed myself to fall into the abyss of anger, negative energy and dark thoughts. I did that…and now I’m going to make up for it.

I have been listening to a lot of Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill lately. They makes me feel good. I love the messages and usually play a focus binaural in the background to enhance the effect. Having a positive mental attitude, a goal and determination is a formula for success I’ve been hearing all my life from my parents.

I wonder if they were students of this philosophy.  What’s not to love about being happy, making money and enjoying life? It’s about choosing happiness.

So, I can’t let my final post of the day be so angry.  In an effort to clear the air (virtual smudge stick at the ready) , I leave you with this:

appreciation 419539_329316737112388_2017255918_n - Copy happyday

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