Fixity of Purpose.

I love Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale…and even though I’m not sure if fixity is a word, I get it.

I am once again sitting, well kinda propped up by a mountain of pillows while lying in bed, here listening to a focus binaural and my new boyfriend, Earl. He makes sense. Even though I don’t usually go for older guys (or ones who’ve transitioned to the next phase), I love the way his voice carries the words as they flow from his mouth.  He makes the message so easy to listen to through these earphones.

Tomorrow is the 80’s Prom theme party and I’m totally stoked! Got my dress. Got my Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers and lacey, white socks. Got my lime green, fingerless gloves and long, chain style necklaces. It’s GO Time!

My girls Heather and Erin do this every year but I haven’t been in quite some time. The last time we went, I was Boy George.

This time I’m going as an actual girl…a material girl. Not exactly Madonna but if Madonna were a black girl at the prom in 1987, then she would be me on tomorrow night.

I have been looking forward to this for months and with that fixity of purpose, I scored a cool dress and accessories with very little effort and cost. I know that the lessons I’m learning are being applied in every aspect of my life…even costume party stuff.

I am so Thankful to my coach, The Universe and Infinite Intelligence.

I am Thankful for Napoleon and Earl.

I am Thankful for the ability to learn.

This is what Life Feels Like when you’re walking a path that feels good.


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