Prom Night? Ladies Night!

I am in such a girl state of mind right now…lol. I’ve been getting ready for prom like Theo Huxtable (or maybe Denise) will be there. I have everything I need and decided to wear my hair in a faux hawk…which is a nod to some of my favorite 80’s hair styles.

Heather called not too long ago and we are both so totally stoked about tonight! It’s as if the girls night we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived and it’s a combination dress up party/dance to you pass out event. I wasn’t even this excited about my actual prom which was in the 80’s. Oh, well. Any reason to have fun is a good reason.

So, my next post will be of me in all states of functional debauchery…I hope. Not fall out on the bathroom floor wasted…but tastefully compromised, if there is such a thing.

1560763_10202883728835501_257787014_n 10645072_10205094196975823_5420887149122743730_n 408938_3273700962633_236973853_n nowaygirl

Traditionally this would be the night good girls lost their last vestige of virginity. Although that that ship has already sailed, maybe somebody will be drunk enough to give me sloppy smooches in a dark corner. Who knows? Could happen…lol.

3 thoughts on “Prom Night? Ladies Night!

  1. Be safe and have fun! People say a life unexamined is a life unlived. I say a life without parts you can’t remember because you were too busy being awesome is a life not worth remembering.

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