Art Show Saturday!

Wow! Time flies whether you’re having fun or not, eh? This has been some month.

I’m still reeling from the energy! All of that retrograde kinda took me off guard but I’m cool. School’s almost over. Amir’s 5th Grade year is coming to a cl0se and I am so ready  to sleep in. All I want to do for the first few weeks is sleep past 6am.

Tonight is my second time live painting at Art Attack and I’m already stoked! I’ve been in a tizzy for the past couple of days. Priming, prepping and painting is all I’m about right now. Yay!

It’s also my friend Jade’s farewell show. I just got used to having her here again and she’s off! Well, that’s the life of a nomad. I’m happy that we’ll see each other tonight before her and her wife head to lands that are less hot. I love you, Jade and Brooke!

So, I’m off to doodle with paint and talk to people, two of my favorite things. It’s a Super Saturday Paint Day! Art Attack here I come!

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