Hot Mess Monday But My New Hair Was A Hit.

So I got a sew in for the job fair last Friday. For all of you in the dark about what that means, it’s when some takes hair pieces and sews them into your hair which has basically been braided into a circle. Maybe this will help.

11133795_10206255709212903_1607136408982918484_n 11390365_10206512407630203_4818946754005271279_n

The experience has been a mixture of me being nervous about my first weave and people loving it…well most people. The kids at school have had mixed reactions. One little boy said, “I don’t like it. Take it out.”  I’m assuming he thought I was pretty before the hair piece…which makes me feel good.

Saturday’s ArtWalk was awesome! My friend Jade and her wife Brooke are heading off to cooler pastures. Jade’s an amazing artist. She works with glass and paint. When I first met her, she told me that the glass work is therapeutic in a way. Well it must be because this weekend was the happiest I’ve seen her. Love must be good for the soul, the skin and the work.

1458679_10206531772994325_5811942361256055074_n 11054485_10206531773194330_4904119566071676762_n 11110500_10206531771474287_7681893670129367427_n

I also met an amazingly talented couple, Frances and V. They are like the quintessential Yin Yang polarity. Frances’ work is softly supple with socio-religious themes. She excavates the missing feminine in Christian religion beautifully.  V’s work is dynamic and forceful feminism that will kick  you  so far out of your comfort zone with it’s aggressiveness, you’ll feel the boot print in your back.

V and F vf

As usual, I was just very happy to be there. I enjoy the company of artists. It’s refreshing. I love to hear people talk about the how’s and why’s of their creations. The ins and outs of their process. Their love of the work. It inspires me…and live painting is now one of my favorite things to do. These are a few of the pieces I worked on Saturday night.

11143407_10206531908837721_4703452008178185878_n 11257757_10206531775554389_7382920201166715881_n11377110_10206531748073702_2230646377820278557_n

On yet another note, I was so tired when I came home from work that I slept until almost seven. I’m glad that I remembered to put on my hair bonnet or my wig would’ve literally been split. Hopefully I am fully recovered from the whirlwind weekend I just enjoyed. Tomorrow is ESE Kindergarten which always an adventure. Gotta double up on the coffee to keep up! I love’em though. We’ll have fun.

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