Wake Me Up…Then Go-Go.

I should’ve read my horoscope earlier today. If I had, I would’ve been prepared for the slightly under the weather feeling I’ve been experiencing. Under the weather yet unable to relax…that just ain’t fair.


It’s cool though. I think the ‘can’t relax’ part is because my stupid ex keeps contacting me. This is really, really annoying but I’ve learned through my active happiness practice to just let it go. I’m not angry, just soooo over her harassing me. I’ve quit listening to the voicemail messages and I delete the emails as soon as I see her name. I also sent her a couple of emails asking her to quit contacting me…but you know Scorpios. They can ride the crazy train until it breaks down.


I wonder if she realizes she’s a deadbeat dad. She left us high and dry right before Christmas. The mountain of debt that she refuses to help scale is mine to bear. My son used to cry every time I mentioned her name or our family. So, no. I refuse to allow her to see him and hurt his heart, again. Besides, he hasn’t heard from her since he called her on Christmas so why should I rip away the band aid?


People amaze me sometimes. But you know what? I am stronger than bullshit. I am a mother who will go to great lengths to protect my children.

In the words of my foremothers,

“You Don’t Want None Of This”

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On the flip side,

The weather has been great today.  Ain’t Goddess Good?


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