Starchild Limpin’ Like An Old Lady.

My hip kinda went out on me yesterday. It did not go quietly or without pain. I had to half-limp, half drag myself into the house last night. My family didn’t ask why I was limping…just like they didn’t ask where I’d been for the past few hours. Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.


It was my own fault. I spent too much time cramped up in my truck. I’m kinda tall so my legs need space and I neglected to give it to them. Plus, I spent a couple of hours on the South Florida version of a subway during afternoon rush hour. Need I say more?

I went to meet the twenty-seven year old bit of fluff. There’s quite a bit of distance between us and I didn’t want to drive so, being the city girl that I am, I decided to take Tri-Rail. The trip there was cool. A kindly gentleman gave me a seat with a flourish, “Ladies First,” he said, indicating the lone empty chair between us. Thank you!


The ride was about forty-five minutes so I settled in next to the quite animated young man seated in the adjoining seat. He was having a seemingly interesting conversation but his voice was low enough that I could still tune into my boyfriend, Earl Nightingale. Earl talked to me about Attitude and how it is the key to great successes in life. I love that about him. He’s so positive.

So I get to the rendezvous point a little early, as usual for me, and settle on a bench just outside the station. Fluff was supposedly right around the corner but knowing South Floridian time management the way I do, I fully expected a late arrival. I took out my Think and Grow Rich journal and began sketching.

Not too much later, Fluff arrives. I wasn’t interested in being on the train late in the evening so and Fluffy had mentioned not being able to hang out long so, we talked art for a bit and had a few laughs. That’s when I realized Fluff has some serious ADD. Like my former students with Autism serious. It all made sense then, my attraction. I wasn’t supposed to be a date person. I am obviously an Understanding Adult. Cool. Now I can put that situation in it’s proper perspective. Yay! We CAN be friends…just not Lovers. Glad I figured that one out!


So, after a while, I heard my train home coming;.  I thought that I was on the right side to head south but…I was not. Arrgh! I ran to the little ticket counter and ended up dropping my change, literally about twelve dollar in coin, all over the place. I picked it all up, jumped on the elevator and ran to the other side.

I missed that train. Fluff couldn’t stay and hangout so, I called my friend Heather and we chopped it up for a while before the next train arrived.  After I got on, I was reading and chilling when a conductor came by and asked for my ticket. I couldn’t find the damn thing! To make the situation even worse, the conductor kept asking me if I put the ticket in my bra. Eww…she was a little weird and reminded me of a guard in a women’s prison movie from the ’70’s. By the time I found the stupid ticket in my back pocket, she’d already written the warning ticket. She said that she had to write a report to toss the warning but couldn’t give me a copy. I’m still a little weirded out by that interchange. To top it all off, by the time I got off the train I could barely walk. My poor hip had given out on me. Que Lastima!

It’s all good though. I made it home, fell on the bed and had The Round Head Boy bring me an icepack for my hip. I’d meant to watch Elementary but fell asleep watching Joe Dirt. Don’t question my taste level! I woke up a little while ago and decided to write my daily post…even though technically it’s the next day. I forgive myself though. I can’t be expected to write while on my stomach with ice on my hindquarters.

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