In The Immortal Words Of Too Short…

Now whenever someone quotes Short Dog, nine times out of ten, it’s some ignorant shit. I know it’s not politically correct to do so…but some situations just call for gangsta lingo. Sometimes it’s better to listen to ridiculousness than to commit ridiculousness. Ya dig?

I do believe that sometimes folks forget that getting sex is not that hard, at least not for me. If I tried harder, I could be rollin’ around in some sheets right now. The only reason I’m not is because I tend to get emotional after sex. I have been known to end up in semi-relationships just to keep having consistent, regular moments of pleasure. I don’t do that anymore…but I could.

If we’re dating and you need space, good. I like space. In my space, I do my thing and I expect that you will do yours. In my space, I control the amount of attention I am willing to give and the type of requests I am willing to honor. I hate being pressured. It makes me…bored.

I get bored when I keep saying “No” over and over to the same stupid ass questions. I get bored when someone makes demands but isn’t willing to disclose. I get bored when I feel as if a person is trying to manipulate me. But, I know how to cure that boredom. I just quit dealing with you.

Which is beginning to feel like a really, really good option right now.


Now that I’ve gotten THAT off of my chest…

This is what I’m listening right now to clear away the negative energy.

Tonight is dedicated to writing, painting and manifesting positive energy.
Send Love and Light!

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