Sunday Funday!

It’s been a day of befuddling circumstance. I drove to the store to get my monthly cleanse and ended up at Mickey D’s. I went to the gym and worked out in the locker room. I came home to go swimming and the sun hid behind two clouds.


I’m still in the throes of a passionate bout of active happiness. The first step is to admit that the past few days have been frought with me fighting negative energy.  The physical hip pain and the mental/spiritual upheaval my ex brought with her drop by unannounced visit. I’ve been fighting this energy. Maybe now is the time to relax into it. Stop fighting and just…be.


I guess the next step would be to actively forgive her for the intrusion. All that I know says to forgive and consciously I do but I wonder if there’s a ritual that’ll help promote a quick energy cleanse remedy. Sage would do it…but that’d mean driving and I’m really trying to stay in.

Found something! These water rituals are simple and I’d forgotten that  water is a great cleanser inside and out. That’s it. Figured it out. Gonna change my vibration and get more work done.

Send me Love and Light!


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