Today Is The Greatest.

Ok…so this isn’t the best post in the world. It’s just a tribute. My original  post went the digital way of the Dodo. Oh, well. I exist in a world of new beginnings. Let me try this again.

I am currently listening to another Energy and Focus Binaural while Earl teaches me how to change my life in twenty minutes. Smell the flower. Blow out the candle. Breathe. My original post still carried energy from a few days ago. I cancelled, cleared and deleted that energy so…a restart is good. Marching Forward.

This is me practicing Active Happiness. I have endorsed the product. The time has come for me to use it. My surroundings are a reflection of me. I am conducting myself as a person I most want to become. Today’s been a good day.

I painted a lot today. It felt good. My mom in-law did her gardening while I worked on my piece. The weather was perfect for outdoor work. I used the gold paint for the first time. It was fun! I enjoyed the work and I love the way my project is coming along.

It’s exciting to be invited to donate a piece for auction. Vivian’s alma mater is having a fundraiser and she included me as one of the artists recommended to invite. I am so honored.

Working on the jewelry box I’m donating has been a labor of love. It’s my first time working with a lot of these materials so every layer is an experiment. I want this to be something a collector will be proud to have in their home or give away as a gift.

I also worked on my Money Game. It’s so awesome that I think I can sell them at the craft fairs. Yay! I’m a money makin’, art selling mama…let’s do this!

So…I am sitting on a stool with my back straight and legs crossed. My fingers have been busily typing away. The words are on the screen. I feel good about them. I am also proud of myself and grateful for Infinite Intelligence.

Maybe this IS the best post in the world and the one before it was never meant to be. Not sure…but I love the way this one feels.

Enjoying this Happiness that I’ve Claimed.

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