Cleanse…Inside and Out.

I finally got some liquid sage smudge spray (whew!) today. For a few days now I had been wondering about how and when to clean and balance my energy field. It’s taken quite a few hits lately and could use a boost. I’ve used the liquid sage many times before. I like it. This time I got the sage and cedar combo. The fragrance is light and slightly sweet. Uplifting.

In addition to that positive action, I also started my Flush and Be Fit Cleanse this morning. Now, I haven’t had the most healthy food day imaginable but no need to entertain guilt! I made a quick run to the store and got healthy snacks for me: yogurt, salad and juice for smoothies. I also got not so healthy snacks for the family like yummy Breyer’s Ice Cream (it really IS the best) and mini waffle cones. I may have a little ice cream, too. It’s not about deprivation…it’s about me getting into that patent leather outfit for The Kitchen Club party on the 20th. So…maybe one scoop and a banana.

I have diligently been working on my postive attitude and active happiness. Sometimes it takes more energy than others. But today, I found a cool new Napoleon Hill video. He reminds me of a country preacher in this one. I like it. He put the emotion at the back of it.

It feels good to take my life into my own hands again. I am Thankful Forever and express Infinite Gratitude to Universal Intelligence and Prime Creator. Isn’t life Beautiful? Sometimes we have to visualize happiness to experience it. My Primary Goal in Life is a vision of Happiness and Joy that is shared with the people I love. What better goal to have other than to Be Happy?



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