My Sistar, Dr. Phoenix.

My good friend and spirit sistar, Farrah aka Dr. Phoenix has gathered all of the cool resources, information and products that she endorses into one AWESOME website called Since I am admittedly an Earth Mother, Afro-Hippie and Crystal Wearer, I had to check it out.  I wasn’t disappointed. is the BOMB.

I immediately bought one of her Water Bath  Kits…among other things.

I must say that the site is pretty easy to navigate and the selection of quality metaphysical products is astounding. I’ve frequented  the TWO metaphysical stores in my county. One of them I enjoy but it’s a long drive. The other, I think I’ll stop going there except in an emergency. The energy was off the other day when I ran to get my liquid sage. Should’ve just ordered from my favorite site. IndigoSync has become my one stop shop for pretty much everything now. Great Energy and Product Diversity. Everything I’ve been looking for in a metaphysical product supplier.

I think this time I’m ordering something for promoting positive energy. Maybe a Crystal Healing Wand or maybe some meditations?

Got my cart open and filling it up with goodies!

Thank You, Farrah, for this awesome resource.  I know you worked hard on it and the result is fantastic!

Excited for my teas, necklaces and other cool stuff to come in!


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