South Florida Oddities and Other Spectacles.

First thing this morning I talked to the IRS. It wasn’t too bad. At least they warn you that you may be on hold anywhere from thirty to sixt minutes. To their credit, I waited about forty-two minutes and the ladies I spoke to were both really  nice. Helpful too. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank You, IRS Ladies for starting my day off on an upbeat note.

After that I got a call from my cell company…my replacement phone was ready! Yay! On my way to retrieve the shiny new phone, my friend Farrah called. I was soo happy to hear from her. Synchronicity, right? She didn’t even know about the blog I’d written about IndigoSync yesterday. I Love My Sistars!

We talked for a long time and our conversation helped me put a lot of things that’d been on my mind in perspective. Sometimes just talking to someone who gets you organically is the best therapy. I am so excited to receive! I am so excited to contribute! I am Thankful. It was a great exchange of energy.

All in all it’s been an AWESOME day. I painted and used pastel boards for the first time. I think I’ve found one of my favorite ways to create. The pastel board work is gratifying like pencil drawing. I can control what I want to produce more easily and I’m stoked to do more!

I originally thought of the title, “South Florida Oddities” because I experienced yet another case of mistaken racial identification today…but you know what? I’m good. Why harp on it? Race, in my humble opinion, is such an old century concept. Since this is the 21st Century, I’m focused on New Millenium Thinking. My Energy. My Place in This World. My Definiteness of Purpose. Yep. That’s where I’ll direct my gaze.

I am enjoying this new energy. It feels good to create and know that someone likes what has come from you. When someone collects my work, it’s a feeling unlike any other I’ve felt. Deep Gratitude, Sharing and  Happiness. Yep. It’s all of those things…and I’m excited to feel it more often. Many Thanks to my writing coach for giving me the tools to think and grow rich. I’m excited to grow, create and manifest more!

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