Oh, Honey! Is This What Happens In Real Life?

Yet ANOTHER Ex-Lover hit me up on Facebook…and you know what? I’m not flattered. It has taken me some time (about two weeks) to decide that :

No. I do not want bad lovers from the past to re-enter my life. Period. I don’t want it!

This time I CLEARLY remember this dude being a COMPLETE DICK to me. I do not like the way those memories feel and do not wish to relive them. I quickly denied his request and sent him a message that was something like this:

“Please do not contact me again. It took a lot of therapy to get over what you did to me. I am not interested in being your friend.”


Those may not be the exact words. I deleted the message and his reply immediately afterwards. I then saged my page and my body. That energy is not wanted. Just to seal the deal, I also left a message for my ex/new/ex lover explaining pretty much the same thing. Thanks But No Thanks.

I am SOOOOO Grateful that Infinite Intelligence blessed with Self Love! I am not the same person I was twenty years ago…and I am glad. I may not know what I want in a relationship but I know that I don’t want to rehash old, screwed up ones.

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