It Was A Very Silent Auction.

My friend Vivian is the hardest working woman in the art business. She makes the rounds and makes sure that her people get good exposure. Today I was an invited artist for Sweet Briar College’s Charity Fundraiser. It was a ‘ki-ki, la-la’ affair.

This was my first time participating in a high end art event and Thank Goddess for my Mom in-law, Naverne. She has an eye for art marketing. Because of her advice, the piece I donated as well as my most of my other paintings were beautifully framed and matted. Thanks, Na! I think that I surprised some of the ladies there. In fact, I almost made a sale. The only reason I didn’t is because I’m not an alum. No problem. I felt confident that my table looked good and quite a few people showed interest.

I am also glad that my area was in a big, bay window with comfortable cushions. While I was manning my display, I doodled on the pages I’d been using as a drop cloth for my Girl in a Box piece.  I like the way they came out.

I love being surrounded by art and art people. We all love it for different reasons. Who am I to judge? I do know that now I’ll price accordingly. Some things just cost a little more. I got to meet my future collectors today. They just don’t know it yet…but when the time comes, honey. Won’t it be great to hear someone say, ” …and that one is my Crystal Jaudon painting, isn’t it divine?”

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