Definiteness of Purpose … and Then We Art Party!

Today I went to a Ol’ School Vinyl DJ  and Paint Party. I primed my album, hopped in my truck and headed Downtown. Glad I did. It was fun!

The party was at Dekkagon, this cool spot in one of the city’s art neighborhood’s called Mass District. Josh, owner and turntablist extraordinaire, is always so charming. He set me up with a spot at the paint table,  a cold beer and an earful of awesome beats. This is what I came up with :

11140267_10206643636510843_1735029183266719332_n 11391369_10206643280021931_3262838233280342097_n (1) 10308886_10206642253916279_7665059745621581218_n (1) 11017676_10206642253596271_4652205324084116746_n (1) 10422588_10206642253236262_875740074820476505_n

I uploaded the photos in reverse order…and I’m just too indifferent to fix the formation. Ain’t I a stinker?

Anyway, I love it when two of my favorite things come together. Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Low Lights and Poetry. Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens.

Art and Music.

But sometimes, I get the impression that yuppiedom, with all of it’s wretched ‘isms’ is beginning to invade my little art bubble. Yesterday was an experience in ‘High End Marketing” and it was ok. Some snobbishness was to be expected…but today, I definitely got the feeling of being an ‘other’. It’s cool though. I get it.

In my younger years I was the only black person in many, many situations. People make their on assumptions and sometimes they’re just plain prejudiced.

I felt a little of that today…but like I said, it’s cool. I just came to paint…and paint I did.

So, Thanks for the invite and libation, Josh! I enjoyed myself. Thanks, Ed for the beats!

Great Time. Good Art Day.

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