A Magnificent Moon Day, Indeed.

So today was active. I can say that …yeah, active.

Of course I got lost looking for the cell phone store. No problem. The lady I talked to was really nice and helpful. When I made it there, of course there was a long line. That’s ok because I was there for a simple, pre-authorized exchange. In layman’s terms, Free Replacement! No need to get bent out of shape. Good conversation with my sales rep, her boss and a guy in line behind me. Cool!

manifesting 1 how-to-be-happy-happiness-quotes

Came home and did some laundry, studied for my endorsement exam  and painted for a bit. After a while, cabin fever seeped in and I decided to hit the gym. I added an extra fifteen minutes to my walk. Sometimes longer is better than faster. Ladies know what I mean.

kob_ferrigno_lou (3)

The people at my gym probably think I’m insane. I put on my huge rave headphones and laugh out loud to whatever is on tv. Today I had Kool Keith rappin’ obscene nonsense in my ears as Bo and Luke Duke: posed, jumped and smiled pretty all through Hazzard County. The Irony. Laughter is the best medicine and I took a double dose today.

Monday, Monday. It’s been Real. I am Grateful.

Oh, by the way…I meant to make this a dairy free day. I almost made it.

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