Ending the Day or Beginning the New Day…Either Way, Here Goes.

In an effort to always end the day on a good note, I’ve decided to post all of the good stuff that happened to me today.


My friend Farrah posted that a new Root Chakra Healing and Balancing was beginning today. I felt so much…relief. Now I can focus on healing and manifesting at the same time. Tag Teaming that Definiteness of Purpose, baby. Time to get to the nitty gritty…literally. These processes usually unearth things that have lain dormant for a while. I’m excited to excavate and shed some LIGHT in those dark places.


I also decided to take photos of a few of my pieces and post them. Gearing up for this month’s ArtWalk. My goal? To make money, create a network and hone my skills as an artist in business. Pinterest? Done. Now off to post on FB and anywhere else I can think of to do some shameless, self promotion.

I squeezed a quick work out. Of course, I laughed inappropriately while walking the treadmill…but that’s good, eh? Laughter is the Best Medicine…especially when there’s no spoonful of sugar around.

endorphins workout

So Good Night or Good Morning…take your pick. I prefer to say Good Night to this day and look forward, in happy anticipation, for the new day tomorrow.


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