Lord, Forgive Them…Because They Know What They Do and Do It Anyway.


First of all, my Namascray alert has been in a buzz all day. I’m glad it didn’t start until after I’d prayed, meditated and set my intention for the day. It began when I looked at my phone and saw a call from my ex-lover from college. It instantly affected my good mood…but I was pro-active.


“Hey, Crystal.”

“Did you call me?”

“Well…it was a butt dial…blah blah.”

“Ok. That’s cool. Can you take my number out of your phone, please? Thank you.”


I instantly felt better. Situation handled.

After that a few minor things happened, nothing major. Just irritating stuff. But instead of allowing myself to go into an irritation spiral I remembered that  I’m playing Earl’s 30 Day Game. I recited from memory, as best as I could, my Definite Chief Aim in Life. I’d forgotten the little card I’d written it on but I got the essence out there.

Like magic, I instantly felt better. Throughout the day, I found myself reciting it over and over when ever something or someone got on my nerves.  Wow…who’d a thunk it? By focusing on what I want, I created a positive energy cycle.


I feel Good.

This Root Chakra work is sooo much more fun this time.Even though I’m flowing the red river, I haven’t wanted to choke the sh*t out of anyone or gorge myself on buttery sweets. I’ve been painting, studying for my test, writing and most importantly smiling most of this day.

“Looking Good, Billy Ray!”

“Feeling Good, Louis!”

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