Bon Voyage, My Friend.

My friend Meeya is having her going away dinner tonight. I’m gonna miss her! I’m gonna miss her even though we can still chat online and we don’t see each other face to face very often. There will be a void where she used to be…and you know how we Cancers can be about change.

411784_430220640333691_2041474166_o 1528628_671356936220059_291396671_n

Anyway, I am giving her one of my paintings tonight. It’s simply named “For Meeya”.


It’s not everyday that I meet really cool homegirls. She’s a Cancer, too! That’s my dawg.

So, off to dinner. It’s gonna be a late night and I wanted to get my post in before the morrrow.

Looking forward to fun with foodies tonight! We’re going to a place called Yardbirds. It’s like ritzy Southern food. Who knew? I always thought Southern equaled casual and family style dining. A new food adventure awaits!


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