There’s A Vortex in Miami…But It’s All Good.

There’s a vortex known as Miami masquerading as a typical, American city. Beware, mere mortals! IF you find yourself making an excursion to that magical place by the ocean, prepare for an adventure.

For example, My Soul Sista From Another Mista is leaving Sunny, South Florida for a more temperate region of the country. Last night was her Bon Voyage dinner. She chose a place on Miami Beach. That’s not a hop, skip and a jump away but it’s ok. It’s Meeya. I wouldn’t drive all the way to Miami to have dinner with just anyone. She’s my Super Homie.

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So, I filled the hooptie truck up with water and prepared for my journey south. The hooptie truck doesn’t drive too far out of the neighborhood most days. An hour and some change is a long time for her. I planned to drive slowly and take a few breaks.

Let me just say that through no fault of my own, I did get lost…for a while. It happens in the Miami vortex. Alton Road is like the circle outline to hell. I was trapped on that sucker because my GPS is a little…stupid. The dang thing kept telling me to make a right when I could’ve just kept going straight. Maybe the vortex was affecting my technology as well. But, luckily I made it to the restaurant and then my parking adventure began.

Parking on Miami Beach is about as much fun as a tittie twister. It’s painful. I won’t go into it…let’s just say I ended up paying $30 to park in a dark, dirty tower. At least it was relatively close to the place.  Yay.

On an up note, I had a great time with my friends! Meeya really liked her painting. She was even a little teary. We hugged. Her new boo (?) is a lot of fun and quite nice. She’s a Cancer, too. Three Crabs at a table with an array of delicious tidbits? Oh, yes. We ate everything. Fried Sweet and Sour Pickles. Check! Pan Fried Trout with Pickeled Baby Shrimp? Check! Key Lime Bites with Coconut Cream and Mango Puree? Check! Yum, Yum, Gimme Some, Baby. Wine and Conversation flowed. It was an amazing evening. Then I had to venture out into the vortex again.

Meeya and her Boo dropped me off at the parking deck. That’s when I found out about the $30 parking. Talking about unpleasant surprises! No problem. I just chalked it up to The Game. I’d rather pay the price than get towed. Towing in Miami Beach has been know to cost between 3 and 400 hundred bucks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, I’m on the road and make it to the highway. Wouldn’t you just know it? Three blocked lanes and traffic is at a stop/go standstill. My hooptie truck doesn’t appreciate nor like unanticipated travel issues. Within twenty minutes, baby girl was hot…and not in a good way.

I ended up pulling off the highway and into a nearby gas station. I was obviously lost in the hood. No biggie. I’m from a major city and I’ve been lost in the hood before. I pulled up to a pump and noticed two dudes washing cars. I wondered, “Why are they washing cars in the middle of the night?” for about three seconds, then didn’t think of it again. Who cares? They were doing their thing and I had to let my car cool off for a while.

After they were done washing their cars, I thought they were leaving. Nope! They drove over to where I was and asked if I needed some help. You know I did! Some people may have been afraid of two huge, urban style, Black men in the hood at night but I’m not. Half the people in my family are huge, Black men with Rap Fashion sense and they’re really nice guys. No problem.

So the two dudes helped me get back on the road. Actually, one stood holding a beer and trying to flirt while his friend did all the work and barely said anything. But, what he said was this, “Just Pray For Us.”

I did. I have and I will.

His words struck me as so simple and pure, all I could do was say that I would indeed pray for them. I also said Thank You many, many times before heading home.

So…there’s a vortex in Miami. Be Aware. But, I think you get energy that mirrors what you believe. I just knew there’d be an adventure in driving down…and there was. I just knew I’d have a wonderful time with my friends…and I did. I just knew I’d make it home safely…and I did. Do with that information what you will.



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