Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Now I’ve never been a New York Doll…but this Peach is about melt! I love warm weather. The perfect temperature for me is about 80-85 degrees. We’ve reached 96 here.

On the up side, the water in the pool is perfect. I just slid right in. No acclimation necessary. Nice.

pinup poolside

I went to gym out of sheer boredom. I needed to get out of the house! It’s so hot outside that I’ve been sleeping all day. No bueno! Not after the Father’s Day chocolate cake and cornmeal pudding adventures I had on Sunday. These buns need some exercise. So off I went.

Now, I purposely choose the treadmill with as much open area around it as possible on purpose. I like to be alone in the gym. No. I don’t want any advice on how to make my butt plumper or make my abs tighter. I have the internet for that information. I am no gym queen! I just want to listen to my music tune out and enjoy my public alone time.


Apparently, some people don’t get it. Some super big, super loud jerk comes and gets on the machine right next to me. I look around and there’s plenty of other places for him to do his thing but no…he had to have that one. I decide to ignore him and keep walking. Then he starts having some loud, obnoxious conversation as he stomp runs on the treadmill. To prevent myself from having a full on queen out, I just move. Some may say I’m rude but I really don’t care. It’s my prerogative (hope I spelled that right), as Bobby Brown would say.

kob_ferrigno_lou (3)

Some would say, maybe that’s his way of flirting. Well if it is, I’m not biting. This gym has too many cute girls for me to be annoyed by some sweaty guy. As a matter of fact, one of them flirts with me all of the time. But, she’s too young and I’ve had my fill of twenty somethings for the moment. Although under the right circumstances…


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