The Power of Enthusiasm.

Earl and Napoleon are the best boyfriends a girl could have…the best. I have been needing a date with both.

Yesterday, Napoleon gave me an awesome pep talk and instigated  my enthusiasm. I felt better. He helped me kick start some forward motion and I began to work on a piece I’d put down a few days ago. This weekend is ArtWalk and I need to be ready.

Right now, Earl is teaching me to rely on optimism and to have a good attitude. I like his advice. I believe that it’s true that a positive attitude is the key to success. It is at least one of the keys and certainly important.

So in an effort to Heal Myself and to Grow into the person I intend to be, I embrace positivity. I embrace Faith and an Open Mind. I embrace Perseverence and Enthusiasm.  I Embrace all of Blessings and Miracles that come into my Life.

Ok. Now I’m ready. Walking into a better tomorrow and every day, I get better and better.

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