“Damn You, Salazar!”…Don’t you just love Matt LeBlanc?

This morning I woke up feeling like a whiny bitch because some a&&hole I was kinda sorta seeing hadn’t called me in two frickin’ days. I was lying there all prepared to be mopey and building scenarios where I could empower myself.


Then I thought, F*ck This Sh*t. Why do I give a hot diggety damn? We aren’t a couple. Hell, we aren’t even exclusive. Crystal…get yourself together, honey. Really?lol grover423736_385058934838184_295134733830605_1514234_1820627079_n

So,  I jumped out of bed like my a** was on fire,  put on a Mahalaxmi mantra and made some breakfast with coffee so strong it’ll make hairs sprout on your chest. I am now sitting at my work station, surrounded by art and this here laptop. It’s goin’ down! (as my students would say)

Why do I let myself get so wrapped up in insignificant people and unimportant interactions? Because I’m horny? Maybe. Because I’m bored? Sure…why not. But, maybe just maybe it’s because I need more hobbies. More things to do with my time. You know when Cancers get bored some sh*t always seems to pop off (as my urban language expert, OG Greg would say).  We get into some adventures!

boredcancer cancertrait

Now, horniness and boredom aside, I am about to paint the crap outta some stuff, work on my Nebula award winning novel and just for the hell of it, watch another Will Ferrell movie.


It’s Cancer Season, Bitches! Bow before me.


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