Once Again…Freud Was Right.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no great fan of Dr. Freud. It’s just that in this one case, I’ve proven the whole anal/oral thing to be true…somewhat. I’m not sure if I even really know more about the concept except what I’ve heard in passing or read as an internet meme. But, see how anal I can be? I’m correcting myself while writing a blog post about correcting myself. How circular! How Cancerian.

Anyway, my last post was rife with errors that just couldn’t go unaddressed. I will however just announce a general apology instead of digging up every wretched error. It’s not that deep. So…I, Crystal Jaudon, do sincerely apologize for any and all: grammatical, mechanical and/ or errors in syntax present in my previous post.

That should take care of it.

Thank You.

nowaygirl 10645072_10205094196975823_5420887149122743730_n 1560763_10202883728835501_257787014_n 11013369_10206370405680243_1373996556538681460_n

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