ArtWalk was AMAZING.

Man…Am I ever glad that I was at ArtWalk last night. It was an awesome (as well as profitable) evening! My sacral chakra is pleased.  I am So Grateful. Thank You, Infinite Intelligence!

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The rain ended and the streets were dry by the time I got downtown. Ed, one of the owners of Art Attack, told me he’d spent three hours sweeping water into the street drains. His effort was not in vain. The MASS District was pristine.

I set  up my table between two awesome artists, Sam Cooper and DTech respectively. There were several vendors this time. The vendors are a draw because attendance had more than doubled. I was super psyched. Definitely worth the price of a space. Everyone sold something. That’s a first at any event I’ve worked.

An awesome couple bought “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”. Such a cool story, too! The guy, Steven, came over and bought one page for his girlfriend. As I was preparing his purchase, we started talking about Roy Ayers and how both parts actually complete the piece…but he could only buy one page. So his girlfriend, Marjorie (?) came and purchased the other page for him. Both pages went to the same home. I am so happy! That was one of my favorite paintings. So grateful that it went to an awesome home.

10414849_10206756844180964_2189540050486978665_n 11667453_10206756844580974_1044683098467565099_n

I met an awesome array of artistic folk and spent time with my art homies. It really was a great night.

So excited for the July Artwalk! My birthday month…Yay!

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