A Rose is a Rose…but a Yellow Rose Means Friends WIth Benefits.

Sometimes I feel randy. This would be one of those times. I also feel a bit lazy but not about gettin’ some summer lovin’.  I think all of that sacral chakra work has activated my love bone.


I’d taken down all of my dating profiles. Recently, I opened new ones. I like to make a fresh start. Old page, old energy. New page, new booty… oops! I mean, new energy.

It’s Solar Plexus Chakra week. I’m excited to see what new adventure this leg of my journey will bestow upon me. Root and Sacral were like night and day. This cycle has not been boring. No siree, Bob.

I painted today and did some light research. I went to the gym twice to take two separate thirty minute walks. Low impact, twice a day feels better than trying to work against my exercise ADD. I also thought a lot about girls. I think I’m ready to date again. Maybe date is the wrong word. I think I’m ready to get steadily laid. Yep. Now seems more honest. That’s the best policy, right?


Ha! We’ll see if I get any nibbles on my dating pages before I answer for sure.

9 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose…but a Yellow Rose Means Friends WIth Benefits.

  1. learningtocry says:

    Ha ha! I was going to write exactly what t. dot wrote! (love the honesty!)
    And I’m on exactly the same page you are. Stars align to bring us together.
    So I’m sure other stars will align to bring some special “love” into our lives as well!
    I’m hoping to assist them in positioning tomorrow night!

  2. learningtocry says:

    Venus in retrograde tonight (I don’t really know, just hear people say that sometimes! ha ha!) My starship is way off course. Yikes! Will have to refuel and hope I have better luck next time I take it out for a spin!

  3. learningtocry says:

    I’ll have to keep reading your blog to get well versed on astrology in hopes it will help my love life! Getting tired of coming up against brick walls. Ugh!

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