Rainbows and Butterflies and Moonbeams.


As you may already know, a pastor promised to set himself on fire if gay marriage is legalized. Did anyone else stock up on marshmallows? Ha! Go F*ck Yourself…on Fire.

So today has been an awesome day indeed. I started a sacral chakra piece. It was a therapeutic experience. Now that I’ve done this chakra cycle a  few times, I feel that as I focus on each one, I can identify what needs to be done more quickly than before. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m dealing with chakra issues until in the midst of resolving them.

I’d started a canvas piece that felt forced and difficult to manifest so, I painted over it with a bright orange color that I mixed myself. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra. While that was drying I made a big, country breakfast of pan-fried potatoes with onion, a tomato omelette, turkey sausage links and super strong coffee. I piddled around a bit and listened to a sacral chakra meditation before heading outside to my paint arena to get started.

I wasn’t sure where to start since I wanted to use mostly oranges of varied shades and I’d painted the canvas a pretty strong orange.


I decided to begin with light colors to build a pattern. Squiggly creatures and circles began to take shape on the canvas. After a short while, this is what I came up with:


I plan to go back and add shadow. Who knows? It may take a while. Sometimes I step away and do something else. My reptilian lady has dried so I want to add detail to her look. Then again…I may start a brand new painting.

Tomorrow is my third Artwalk and I’m super psyched!  A little nervous…mostly because of the week I’ve had, but not all crazy. Manageable jitters. But with  the convergence of my two favorite things all wound up together: Painting and Music, let the good times roll!

I’ve been preparing for it by getting my stuff kinda organized and painting a lot. This time I may even take the trolley and have the actual experience of being an art tourist for a while. There’s free beer at one of the trolley stops. That could be cute!

Heather and I are going to an Ordinary Boys show tomorrow night in Miami after my show.  New Pond! That means I may actually wear something cute and slap on some makeup. Some of the picture of me at ArtWalk are a little less flattering than I’d like.

I plan to paint, write and watch Iron Monkey for the rest of the night.  I may even toast to The Supreme Court in honor of their awesomeness. I am ready for the weekend!

“Damn You, Salazar!”…Don’t you just love Matt LeBlanc?

This morning I woke up feeling like a whiny bitch because some a&&hole I was kinda sorta seeing hadn’t called me in two frickin’ days. I was lying there all prepared to be mopey and building scenarios where I could empower myself.


Then I thought, F*ck This Sh*t. Why do I give a hot diggety damn? We aren’t a couple. Hell, we aren’t even exclusive. Crystal…get yourself together, honey. Really?lol grover423736_385058934838184_295134733830605_1514234_1820627079_n

So,  I jumped out of bed like my a** was on fire,  put on a Mahalaxmi mantra and made some breakfast with coffee so strong it’ll make hairs sprout on your chest. I am now sitting at my work station, surrounded by art and this here laptop. It’s goin’ down! (as my students would say)

Why do I let myself get so wrapped up in insignificant people and unimportant interactions? Because I’m horny? Maybe. Because I’m bored? Sure…why not. But, maybe just maybe it’s because I need more hobbies. More things to do with my time. You know when Cancers get bored some sh*t always seems to pop off (as my urban language expert, OG Greg would say).  We get into some adventures!

boredcancer cancertrait

Now, horniness and boredom aside, I am about to paint the crap outta some stuff, work on my Nebula award winning novel and just for the hell of it, watch another Will Ferrell movie.


It’s Cancer Season, Bitches! Bow before me.

I Can Always Count On Will Ferrell.

Today,  I feel good.  As a matter of fact, I’ve had a laugh out loud kinda day. You know why? I set my intention on feeling good and I’ve been really pro-active about it.

This morning I did my spirit work and stepped into a manifestation circle. I made myself a good breakfast:  Nutri-Grain waffles, turkey sausage and cinnamon spiced coffee with soy milk…yum! I settled in to watch a movie before starting my day and whipped out the DVD. That’s when I found out that my laptop does not have a DVD player. Dang! I didn’t even know that they made them that way these days. Did I get upset? Nope. I went right to Netflix and signed up for the free trial. So, long Redbox! It’s been real.


Everyone’s been watching Orange is the New Black and I thought that I’d check out that show…but I just didn’t feel like watching a prison show. Comedy or Not. I wanted…no, I needed slapstick and I knew just who to go to for some. Will Ferrell. He always puts a smile on my face. I scrolled through the selection and chose “Anchorman 2”. It didn’t win any Oscars but I laughed so much my face hurt. Sometimes a cheap laugh is best. In fact, I may just watch another Will Ferrell flick tomorrow. IF  I can find “Land of the Lost”, it’s goin’ DOWN.


After my date with Will, Earl and Napoleon understand that I need a man who can make me laugh sometimes, I had a wonderful day! I went to the gym. I played around in the pool with The Jabari Brothers. I painted. I even made Rice Crispy Treats…and I haven’t done that in a long time. It’s been an Awesome day.


Thank You, Will Ferrell, for putting my happiness first. You work so hard to put a smile on my face and I’m grateful. If it weren’t for you, who would break out into song when no song is needed. Who would travel through the bowels of a dinosaur for me? Who would yell out, ” The Fuhrer was Butch!” at precisely the right moment?  Who would kiss Sasha Baron Cohen while explosions went off in the background? Only you, Will. Only you…And I love you for it.

landlost willferrell


The Power of Enthusiasm.

Earl and Napoleon are the best boyfriends a girl could have…the best. I have been needing a date with both.

Yesterday, Napoleon gave me an awesome pep talk and instigated  my enthusiasm. I felt better. He helped me kick start some forward motion and I began to work on a piece I’d put down a few days ago. This weekend is ArtWalk and I need to be ready.

Right now, Earl is teaching me to rely on optimism and to have a good attitude. I like his advice. I believe that it’s true that a positive attitude is the key to success. It is at least one of the keys and certainly important.

So in an effort to Heal Myself and to Grow into the person I intend to be, I embrace positivity. I embrace Faith and an Open Mind. I embrace Perseverence and Enthusiasm.  I Embrace all of Blessings and Miracles that come into my Life.

Ok. Now I’m ready. Walking into a better tomorrow and every day, I get better and better.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Now I’ve never been a New York Doll…but this Peach is about melt! I love warm weather. The perfect temperature for me is about 80-85 degrees. We’ve reached 96 here.

On the up side, the water in the pool is perfect. I just slid right in. No acclimation necessary. Nice.

pinup poolside

I went to gym out of sheer boredom. I needed to get out of the house! It’s so hot outside that I’ve been sleeping all day. No bueno! Not after the Father’s Day chocolate cake and cornmeal pudding adventures I had on Sunday. These buns need some exercise. So off I went.

Now, I purposely choose the treadmill with as much open area around it as possible on purpose. I like to be alone in the gym. No. I don’t want any advice on how to make my butt plumper or make my abs tighter. I have the internet for that information. I am no gym queen! I just want to listen to my music tune out and enjoy my public alone time.


Apparently, some people don’t get it. Some super big, super loud jerk comes and gets on the machine right next to me. I look around and there’s plenty of other places for him to do his thing but no…he had to have that one. I decide to ignore him and keep walking. Then he starts having some loud, obnoxious conversation as he stomp runs on the treadmill. To prevent myself from having a full on queen out, I just move. Some may say I’m rude but I really don’t care. It’s my prerogative (hope I spelled that right), as Bobby Brown would say.

kob_ferrigno_lou (3)

Some would say, maybe that’s his way of flirting. Well if it is, I’m not biting. This gym has too many cute girls for me to be annoyed by some sweaty guy. As a matter of fact, one of them flirts with me all of the time. But, she’s too young and I’ve had my fill of twenty somethings for the moment. Although under the right circumstances…