Gratitude For A Wonder Filled Day.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Thoroughly.

My art show was AWESOME. I had a great time, hung out with some amazingly  talented folk and sold some art. I even booked a serious commission.

Thank You

Gratitude and Grace. It’s the focus of our 21 meditation series. My Definiteness of Purpose is being fulfilled. I am on the path of my choosing and blessed are my steps. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Crystal’s Art Show Flyer

Art Day! Art Day!

Today is my Pop Up Art Show and I AM PSYCHED. Being in Atlanta is so fitting because it’s my hometown. My family and friends have been super supportive. I Love and I am Loved.

I love Mr. Rogers.

My parents are excited to have us here. My neices, nephews, neighbors…the community I grew up in have welcomed us with open arms. Why do I love Atlanta so much? Not just because it’s home but because it’s where my heart blossoms.

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Nikki, my best friend forever, is hosting us at Vertical Xscape. The owner, Psi is awesome. Not only is he letting me use the space, he’s letting me use it for free. Blessings! Biggups to the everyone in the Vertical Xscape Massive and Crew. (I was feeling my Caribbean Shakedown roots…Biggups to WRAS!)

So now that I have a few minutes to gulp down some extra strong coffee from a REAL percolator (my favorite coffee making machine) and shove some food in my mouth, I just want to give Thanks and Praises for these Blessings. Blessings of Home and Family. Friends and Loved Ones. I’m Thankful for our safe travels in the air and on the ground.

I’m just tremendously Grateful for Everything. I’m Thankful for my Life.

Now my coffee almost gone and I think I’ve burned breakfast…but I’m still Grateful.

Forward into Tomorrow!


Mama, I’m Coming Home.

In my excitement to prepare for my trip to Atlanta tomorrow, I broke the washing machine.

The End.

No not really.

The washer is broken but the inconvenience of it cannot take the fluff out of this marshmallow. I am headed home and leaving the dirty laundry in it’s hamper. When I return in two weeks it may smell like something died. Well, it did. I killed the washer.

The day after we arrive, I host my first solo art show at my best friend’s tattoo spot. Yay! Two months ago I didn’t even know I’d have a show. Two weeks ago, I didn’t know where it’d be. As my mother says, “The Lord works in mysterious ways”. Another person would say, ” The Lord takes care of fools and babies.”  I say, “Thank You, Infinite Intelligence from one who has been a fool and a baby…and has seen a mystery or two.”


I am really too excited to form well written sentences so I will end with this:

Don’t talk to me about ‘real women’


A Girl In Europe

Don’t. Just don’t.

Running this blog opens my eyes up to lots of social phenomenons that I usually wouldn’t even notice,which is great, I’ve found out about Kaitlyn Jenner and Tess Holliday and when that I happens I think ‘woo Internet you done good’. But one thing that really really realllly grinds my gears is this whole ‘real woman thing’, according to google , when you type in ‘a real woman is’, you find these pictures:


Did you notice in all those pictures the word ‘man’ was used? So basically a real woman is the perfect wife or partner and doesn’t dare try achieve anything for herself. Oh and don’t forget to ‘respect his hustle’ (what the bloody hell does that even mean?!).

Please no, tell me these are not examples from the 21st century. Please.

But it’s not just that,I chose these examples because deep down I do believe…

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It’s A Mad World.

Two days later and I’m still paying for Saturday night.

I’m not hungover. Just draggin’ a little.

To be honest I really don’t know how much I had to drink. Sad but true. I know that I am a light weight but my tolerance for alcohol and copious amounts of it, has increased. I remember packing a homemade wine cooler in a thermos for Artwalk. By homemade wine cooler I mean leftover wine that’s been in the fridge for a couple months. Don’t judge me.

I also remember having two, maybe three, cherry vodka and sprites at Kill Your Idol. Then at the after hours spot, I think only one. Oh, I was politely buzzed and I’m a “dance on your table” girl. Imagine me as Parker Posey and Kim Coles in one body. It’s a stretch.

So today I’m faced with potential abominable job hunt stress. It’s crown chakra week so I’m expecting a convergence of Great Fortune and Success. Why with all of this meditating, chakra work and goal setting, I am Bound for a Blessing. Picture me fanning myself like a Church Mother.

I shall grow a field of Love and Light around myself. I am The Universe expressing itself in Human Form. I am the Me I want to be. All is Potential Energy that never ends or begins…Inexplicable.