Single Mom’s Summer Vacation.

Most of my friends are mothers. We all kinda have kids around the same age, give or take a few years on either side of Mr. Ako and Prince Amir. I had to stop calling Amir the Round Head Boy because he’s almost twelve now. My Facebook photo album of them makes my sons cringe…but I digress.


So moms need time to be who they were before becoming mom, right? See. All of my friends raised their hands. In my case, I was a music addict. I love to experience live music. I can dance to anything. If you can call me rhythmlessly gyrating to whatever’s playing a ‘dance’.  Of course on my off season I like to catch up with the music I’ve missed, and this year, I have a partner in crime.


Heather and I have certainly made the rounds this summer. She’s a music head, too. Another cool thing about my friend Heather, we are never bored when we go out. If the music’s good, we dance and sing. Drink and laugh. If the music’s bad, we drink and laugh anyway.

But we do not bake cookies. No we don’t. We are not bakers.

We are, however, quite charming and if you see us out…we may be in a costume.

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